How Does It Work?

  • Concentrated Oxygen 95% 95%
  • Body Composed of Water 80% 80%
  • Physics! 100% 100%

Air Pressure (ATA) **11 ft below sea level

Henry's Law: A gas under pressure dissolves more readily into fluid.

Hyperbaric Therapy works with the laws of physics to increase oxygen in the body.  Since the body is composed of mostly water, the increased air pressure inside the chamber allows oxygen to be absorbed more easily into every cell. All of the fluids in the body become saturated with life-giving oxygen, including blood, plasma, synovial, lymph and spinal fluids. This allows for all the critical and vital cell processes to be performed. Healthier cells = healthier tissues. Healthy tissues = healthy organs. Swelling and inflammation are reduced, while circulation and blood flow are increased or restored to restricted areas. Wounds and injuries heal more rapidly. Recovery from surgery is much faster. Detoxification is also promoted. Anaerobic Bacteria, most viruses, yeast and fungi cannot survive in an oxygen enriched environment. It stands to reason, therefore, that increasing oxygen uptake plays a significant role in health and wellness as well as therapeutic applications.

Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Help Me?

Hyperbaric Oxygen has been proven to help MANY different conditions. Check out a list of a few of the conditions known to benefit from oxygen treatment. 

From Coma to Carefree Life

How It Works

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Testimonial

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