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Happy New Year, and with every new year you hear the latest buzz about something that can change your life. Some new wellness routine, diet or gizmo. People are starting to talk more about Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology or HOCATT for short, might sound too good to be true. Simultaneous multiple wellness technologies providing advanced detox, oxygenation, athletic improvement, beauty and anti-aging benefits, and overall wellness and vitality… in 30 minutes? Let’s break it down and explain a little bit of the science behind the system. The name HOCATT is an acronym describing the core wellness technologies incorporated into the HOCATT chamber: Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology.

Hyperthermia is when the body temperature rises to levels higher than normal. It usually occurs when someone is over exerting themselves in hot weather, but also occurs intentionally when we soak in a hot tub or visit a sauna or steam room. Hyperthermia is also used as a therapeutic treatment for a variety of health conditions, from sore muscles to cancer. It benefits the body by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain.

In the HOCATT Chamber, Hyperthermia is achieved by using steam and far infrared rays to heat up the body with the intention to raise the core body temperature to 39 degrees Celsius (around 102* F) which, like a mild fever when you’re sick, triggers immune system responses.

Carbonic Acid is Carbon Dioxide dissolved in water. It is most commonly known as a component of bubbly beverages – beer, sodas and soft drinks. Naturally carbonated thermal spring water has been used for centuries to aid in rejuvenating the body for health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical reasons – think about the popularity of hot spring “spas” throughout history. Carbonic Acid is easily absorbed through the skin, non-toxic and free of side-effects.

Carbonic Acid is naturally present in the human body and is a vital nutrient involved with the delivery of oxygen to the cells. Increased CO2 stimulates the release of more oxygen into the cells (the Bohr Effect). As a medical treatment, Carbonic Acid Therapy increases circulation and encourages angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels.) Several studies indicate that cardiovascular threats such as hypertension, arteriolar occlusion, and functional heart disorders can benefit from Carbonic Acid Therapy; and it may also help those with erectile dysfunction.  It is also used to treat or prevent complications from diabetes, quadriplegia or other conditions that negatively affect circulation.

As a cosmetic procedure, Carbonic Acid Therapy has been proven to be a successful treatment for cellulite, weight loss, wrinkle reduction, stretch marks and scarring. Increased CO2 stimulates the release of more oxygen into the cells (the Bohr Effect), builds new blood vessels, increases collagen production and breaks down fat by converting triglycerides into fatty acids. High-end spa treatments using Carbonic Acid abound. Some delivery methods are more invasive than others, however; often involving injecting CO2 into the treatment area.

In the HOCATT Chamber, this therapy application is done by introducing CO2 into the chamber to react with the highly excited H2O steam molecules to form Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) which penetrates effortlessly into the skin and bloodstream due to its highly soluble state.

Ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into the body to treat a disease or wound or enhance wellness. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3), different from the oxygen that we breathe, (O2).  (Breathing ozone is dangerous, and it is the primary component of ‘Smog Index” reports.) Ozone has been studied extensively and is commonly used for disinfecting water and surfaces due to its ability destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and odors. It is frequently used in Dentistry to treat infection, cavities and gum disease.

How does this happen? Ozone’s third atom of oxygen is electrophilic (it has a free radical electrical charge) which seeks to balance itself electrically with other material with a corresponding unbalanced charge. Diseased cells, viruses, harmful bacteria and other pathogens carry such a charge and so attract ozone and its by-products.

When ozone is introduced into the blood these reactions kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. An oxygen rich environment is provided in which healthy cells can thrive. (Normal healthy cells can not react with ozone or its by-products as they possess a balanced electrical charge and strong enzyme system. Ozone targets only diseased cells and pathogens.)

Laboratory studies have provided evidence of O3‘s antioxidant capabilities, as well as vascular, hematological, and immune system modulations. This evidence has been further substantiated in clinical trials with O3 therapy being useful in the cardiovascular, subcutaneous tissue, peripheral vascular disease, neurological, head and neck, orthopedic, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary pathologies. O3 therapy has proven especially beneficial in the diabetic foot, ischemic wounds, and peripheral vascular disease, areas in which O3 use is most prevalent.

As a cosmetic procedure, Ozone Therapy (through various delivery methods) has been praised for its anti-aging effects and is said to improve wrinkles, acne, abrasions, dermatitis, “spider veins” and stretch marks. Ozone therapy is also used in psoriasis, shingles, fungal diseases, herpetic lesions of the skin and even alopecia.

The HOCATT has an Oxygen concentrator that sends pure Oxygen (O2) to its two Ozone generators. The Ozone generators then use this Oxygen to make pure Ozone (O3). The Ozone is infused into the HOCATT chamber where it then mixes with the steam (H2O) to form Ozone products.

Transdermal Delivery is the process of delivering active ingredients through the skin for systemic distribution.  Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been creating and using baths, lotions, potions, plasters, poultices and more for health and wellness reasons. While it was once believed that most of the ‘active ingredients’ in such preparations could only have a topical or localized effect on the skin where they were applied, we now know that certain molecules can penetrate the skin and be absorbed into the bloodstream. Recent advances in skin science have expanded the use of transdermal delivery for a variety of applications – think about sea-sickness patches, hormone replacement creams and nitroglycerin. The HOCATT chamber delivers Carbonic Acid and Ozone transdermally, avoiding the need for injections or more invasive measures.

The HOCATT not only makes use of multiple technologies to improve your wellness and appearance, it also utilizes technologies that support the immune system and generally make you feel better.  Our latest models also integrate: Far Infrared, High Intensity PEMF, frequency specific Micro-Currents, Pure Oxygen Breathing, Photon Color Lights and Essential Oil Infusions!

Is there HOCATT session in your future? The experts at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Western New York can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Visit us at  https://www.o2wny.com/about/hocattor call us: (585) 426-8969