In todays changing landscape of employment you may be all too familiar with this life scenerio… you work for one company for 10, 20, 30 years when the day comes that you are ‘let go’.  This happened to me after 23 years with one company and 30 years in that field… video production/creative services.  It was a sweet ride! I can’t imagine what else would have kept me so entertained and engaged for so long.  Then the world changed, technology changed, budgets changed, business models continue to change.  I changed. I lost my passion and was burned out. The corporate environment got worse and worse as they strived to keep the bottom line up.  The day they announced the lay off of my whole department and others like it across the country, I celebrated.  It was an answer to a prayer and I have no doubt of that since my last day was Good Friday.

Fast forward nearly 2 years to the day I find that prayer to be continually answered in more than one way.  One, for the first time in 15 years I am able to work around my childrens schedule…. be there before shcool, after school and run them around to all their activities.  Secondly, my day to day focus is the health and wellness of other people.   Along side my incredible husband Craig we started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which adds another piece of the healing puzzle to his successful medical massage practice.

Since I oversee the day to day hyperbaric therapy business I have the priviledge of meeting some awesome people and learning their story.  What an honor that I get to engage in their stories, the happy and the sad.  What do those stories look like… they are the Mom’s who are fighting to figure out a way to make their child well, the 10 year old girl Ella -topped ranked gymnast in the country who pulled a hamstring, a little boy Alex with Autism who started speaking in full sentences and his first HBOT session, Alex’s amazing Mom, the professional injured soccer players we get back in the game, the professional soccer coach, the elderly gentleman seeking relief from a body full of arthritis, the breast cancer patient who is in the HBOT chamber everyday for an hour and amazes her doctors on how well she is doing, the young Mom with a rare cancer who passed away, the client with Lyme disease, Debbie who had the best night sleep she’s had in a long time after her HBOT treatment, my father Fred recovering from rotator cuff surgery, the daughter who wants to help her father with alzheimers….the list goes on.

I have heard more than once words of gratitude from our clients but it is really the people we help that are the blessing to us.  Working from the heart and from a place of service is the greatest job I could ask for.  With every new client that comes through the door I know their life will never be the same from these treatments….and neither will mine. Every clients story is a blessing and a prayer being answered.