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In 2014, new clinical guidelines were released by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) replacing the 1999 practice parameters for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Perhaps they are finally listening to the parents of autistic children?
Parents know that there is more to ASD than the “behaviors” used to diagnose it. There are physical, medical, treatable health conditions that cause or contribute to these behaviors.

The academy’s new guidelines emphasize four basic treatment recommendations:
1) physicians should help families obtain appropriate, evidence-based educational and behavioral interventions.
2) doctors should ask about use of alternative or complementary treatments.
3) they should offer medications for behavioral problems only after all other approaches have been tried.
4) they should maintain an active role in long-term treatment.

“The goal of this parameter is really to raise the standard of care for children and adolescents with autism. The number 1 take-away is that these children must have a multidisciplinary treatment plan that considers areas of communication and socialization, behavioral challenges, and medical, comorbid, and occupational needs. We’ve now seen that this is a disorder that touches multiple areas of functioning. So, to give children the best chance for a good outcome, it’s not acceptable to operate from a single viewpoint.” – Matthew Siegel, MD, a member of the AACAP Committee on Quality Issues.

So, who can you trust to recommend safe & effective “alternative or complementary treatments”?

Some of the most successful treatments for ASD have been ‘discovered’ or developed by parents of ASD kids. Many of these are doctors with that personal experience, a child or loved one with ASD or traumatic brain injury, or patients with surprising and unexpected improvements after HBOT.
These doctors include Bernard Rimland, Lorna Wing, Dan Rossignol, James Neubrander, Cindy Schneider, Giuseppina Feingold, Sonya Doherty, Tami Powell, Julie Buckley, Paul Harch and many more.
Look them up. Read their biographies that tell why they do what they do. All recommend HBOT as a significant part of successful treatment of ASD, because they have seen it work in their own children and in their own practices.

Rely on the community – not on the pharmaceutical giants who only have profit in mind, not on the “Medical Experts” who promote their solution exclusively, and certainly not on an unproven and potentially dangerous new ‘cure’ – rely on the people who have personal experiences, who’ve “Been there and done that”. They may not live in your neighborhood, but they’re out there.

Can HBOT help your ASD child?
Only you can make that decision, but the experts at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Western New York can help. We have successfully treated Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders with HBOT and can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Visit us at or call us: (585) 426-8969