Insurance probably won’t cover it. The FDA hasn’t approved it. Most of the studies done so far are considered ‘flawed’ in one way or another… 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can be costly, as well. Suggested schedules for treatment call for multiple sessions over an extended period or indefinitely.

None of that has discouraged the parents of autistic children from flocking to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and reporting the benefits they’ve seen in their children.

A few testimonials:

“Things are good!  The change I have observed is his presence. Hard to explain unless you know what it’s like to have an autistic kid who is in his own world all the time.  You feel like you are just talking to a wall b/c they don’t acknowledge you, they don’t look at you & they stare off into space.  I feel like he is no longer in his own world and is entering our world, he makes eye contact, is engaged, responds to his name when called (most of the time), & he is more affectionate with everyone.” – Shannon Muellner

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Treating Autism, Treating autism with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

“He still has a way to go, but the child he is today is a different child,” Lee Frost, White Rock, British Columbia.

When we were nearly 3/4 of the way through his treatments we were noticing huge gains in his social and speech skills. We took him back to his doctor for his 3 month checkup. The doctor was amazed at the progress he had made.  By Matt Rychener   Posted July 19, 2012

My son’s speech and “autistic” behaviors significantly improved in the first couple of weeks, as did his social awareness. Every treatment (dive) introduced just a little more “Joey” to us! He was a different boy day by day, week by week….from the little things like more eye contact, to huge events like hearing “good morning mom” for the first time. We simply can’t believe all the improvements that resulted that month.  – Michelle & Joe Sr. – Newport, Michigan

Prior to HBOT, our son was not able to use the phonetic sound “yuh”. We had been working with a speech therapist for over 2 years on these issues but had made no progress.  While undergoing HBOT, we continued daily speech therapy exercises. His speech therapist was amazed!!!  He also stopped wetting the bed at night, which his doctor attributed to improvement in his sensory sensitivities. The light switch had finally turned on for our son in these areas!  All of these gains have held after several months. We are very pleased with the progress he achieved using HBOT — money and time well spent for our son.  –Dr. Yvonne & a “very thankful family” – Westland, Michigan

There are measurable scientific results as well, which we’ll cover in our next blog post.

Is HBOT right for your ASD child?

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